REAL Strategic GamePlan
Proposed and billed on a per-project basis, Strategic GamePlan engagements offer our clients the powerful vehicle they need to collaboratively clarify their vision, mission, core values, and goals and thereby establish their organizational “DNA”. Once the organizational “DNA” is established and clearly articulated REAL Coaching facilitates a journey to developing and implementing 12-month action plans (GamePlan’s) that really work! Each Strategic GamePlan engagement is fulfilled in three stages:

PHASE ONE: REAL Vision/Mission and REAL Design Team Experience (3-6 hours)
The objective of this phase is to clearly identify and define the long range vision and immediate mission of the organization. This process usually takes 3-6 hours and requires the formation of a “design team” of the top 5-15 leaders. This group will be responsible for establishing goals and priorities for the next 6-12 months based on the long-term vision and creating a strategic GamePlan to accomplish them.

PHASE TWO: REAL Strategic GamePlan Retreat (2-3 days)
The objective of this phase is to collaboratively create a strategic GamePlan to achieve the stated mission and goals. This process usually takes 2-3 days and requires the participation of a broad group of stakeholders including top executives (CEO, executive director, pastors), board members, ministry leaders, key volunteers, community leaders and administrative persons. This group will be responsible for creating and committing to the execution of the agreed upon strategies over the next 6-12 months.

PHASE THREE: REAL GamePlan Execution “Jump Start” (3 months)
The objective of this phase is to break down the GamePlan strategies into daily “doable” activities. The Execution Teams (from the Retreat) will be placed in groups of 2 or 3 that briefly (10 minutes or less) “check-in” with each other 5 days per week. Each team member is accountable for executing his/her daily plan and HONESTLY reporting their activity to their partner. Over this 3 month “jump start” period personal goals and activities can be added to the daily GamePlan’s enabling the team members to experience personal growth
and development (lose weight, exercise, improve relationships, daily reading, etc.) while achieving their strategic goals. Points are assigned to each action and as the daily and weekly scores increase the progress of the plan increases. During this phase REAL Coaching provides bi-weekly or monthly coaching calls that motivate and equip the team to face its emerging challenges. REAL Coaching is also available to coach the top leaders on an individual basis along the way by telephone or webcast.


REAL Ministry Audit and Coaching: For church clients who are seeking to start (plant), or grow and expand their ministries, REAL Coaching facilitates a comprehensive ministry audit to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s “current state” as the basis for making strategic recommendations. The audit covers virtually every aspect of ministry including: membership, worship attendance, stewardship and giving patterns, worship and educational space allocation, ministry and capital budgets, ministry structure, leadership perceptions, congregational perceptions, parking, internal and external demographics, ministry opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, and more. All strategic recommendations and ongoing coaching focuses on the major issues that “growing” churches must face: 

1. Vision, Mission & Values Development & Casting (DNA) 
2. Worship Design & Execution 
3. Organizational Structure, Staffing, & Systems 
4. Lay Mobilization and Leadership Development 
5. Outreach & Missions 
6. Campus Space Maximization 

The audit is conducted over a 6-8 week period including 4 consecutive weeks of congregation surveys during the weekend services. Along the way REAL Coaching conducts a series of interviews with pastors, key leaders, and lay persons to generate a balanced and objective “picture” of the church and its current realities. The written findings and recommendations are usually available within 4 weeks of the completion of the audit. The REAL Ministry Audit is also an powerful addition to the Strategic GamePlan engagement when completed prior to the GamePlan Retreat. 


Accelerated Learning Communities (ALC): REAL Coaching works with its clients to identify its “positive deviants” -- those teams or individuals that are thriving in the midst of chaos, and designs a 1-3 year
“learning community.” ALC’s enable organizations to accelerate the progress and success of their most innovative leaders by bringing them together periodically to learn from each other. The long-term benefits include the creation of a “cohort” of adaptive leaders and teams, and detailed documentation (books, white papers, DVD’s, case studies, music, art, etc.) of their models. 

Graphic Facilitation – Real-time graphic modeling of conference speeches and themes created by gifted artists with extensive experience in creating visual representations of thoughts and ideas. This type of performance art is typically used to increase learning, create an information rich environment, and function as a “roadmap” or “storyboard” for the event. The artwork can also be digitally created or captured and dropped into a website to extend the experience for the participants as well as share the event with others. Finally, these graphic models are an ideal tool for closing a conference with a visual recap and debriefing the experience with the event sponsors. Pine and Gilmore uses this type of facilitation at its Experience Economy Conference each year, as does The John Maxwell Company at its Injoy Leadership Conferences. 

REAL Lab Style Debrief and Action Planning Sessions – These ½ to 1 day Labs enable teams of conference participants to process their learnings, develop models and strategies and create an action plan for implementing emerging ideas back home. 


REAL Coaching is committed to sharing the principals of “Rapid Adaptation” and Collaboration with the Non-Profit world. To that end, Christian Washington delivers powerful interactive presentations, lectures, speeches and sermons to audiences from 15 to 15,000. 

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